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Women’s Day Celebration

On 8th March, Women’s Day was celebrated at Premier to commemorate womanhood and in salutation to the indomitable spirit of women at Premier. A special luncheon was organised along with a workshop on ‘Parenting’ by Dr. Vaishali Deshmukh, a paediatrician specialising in adolescent problems. This workshop was mainly an interaction on issues that parents face today with their children due to long working hours and high academic and social demands and the same was appreciated by all participants.

Premier’s female employees enjoy Women’s Day
“The lunch was a great bonding experience. The workshop was extremely inspirational to the group, as many of the participants could relate to the learnings. In an engaging and memorable way, the team was able to enjoy this special day and will cherish the memories, something to refer to for a long time!” Priyanka Kamble, HR Executive