It's empowerment time for the women of Premier
An outdoor empowerment session at Lake Nilshi

Work With Us Women's Empowerment

Premier admires, respects and cherishes one of its greatest strengths - Women Employees. Premier's vision has always focused on maintaining cutting-edge practices for our women-friendly initiatives. In keeping with this, here are a few highlights of special initiatives that we, at Premier, have recently undertaken to keep our women on the forefront of competitiveness and team spirit, intellectual stimulation, and above all, a fun and friendly, family-like atmosphere.

Women’s Empowerment forum Quarter updates

This quarter, we saw three such programmes, where different issues faced by women were highlighted. Riveting discussions and different points of view were expressed and debated on joint and nuclear familes.

In the next session, each participant wrote their goals, places they like to go, things they like to see, problems faced, the possible solutions to these problems, etc. This was followed by a presentation made by Annamary Jayasuriya (fondly known as Anu). She spoke about her journey at Premier.

"The support I got from my superiors and colleagues has contributed in making me the person I am today ” Annamary Jayasuriya
"Women at Premier are self-motivated and extremely confident. Each woman’s empowerment programme just enhances their confidence,” Ganesh Naik, Executive Cost Accounts
"We are respected and recognised for our work at Premier daily. The women’s empowerment forum that we have is unique to our organisation and every time we have that session, it feels like a Women’s Day celebration,” Sushma Ghope, Executive Automotive Division.
Premier celebrates International Women’s Day in style.

On March 8, 2014, Premier Ltd. recognised the vital role women play in today’s world. At the plant, President M. D. Adhikari expressed his respect towards women who contribute to the industry, lauding them for effectively balancing their work and personal life. This year a special session on Breast Cancer awareness was conducted which was followed by a mammography for all the women of Premier.

The ladies at the corporate office had their share of celebrations too. They spent the day aboard a sailboat organized for them to celebrate Women's Day.

"I have never had the courage of doing a mammography test, as I always felt shy to get it done. I am so glad that we had a session and the test for this women’s day so that I could undergo the tests without any hesitation ” Sreedevi Birajdar, Executive Administrative department
Meet some of the women at Premier