A practical session of the Euro IV, CRDI Engine training
A deeper understanding of RiO’s engine
The machine division engineers engrossed in the theory session of the ‘Arrangements of spindle bearing in machine tools’ training
Mr. P A Pradhan, Sr. Manager Design, Machines Division conducting a training on ‘Arrangements of spindle bearing in machine tools’
Attentive Premier-ites gaining knowledge out of a technical training session

Work With Us Training and Initiatives

Trainings and Initiatives - December 2013

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Premier engages its employess with training workshops.

The last quarter saw an emphasis on external trainings for the Corporate office and Engineering Division.

Recently, a ‘Filing and Document Management’ workshop was organised at the corporate office for senior officers. Our team attended CII's workshops on ‘Writing for technical and business professionals’, and 'Service Tax'. Three Managers from the Engineering Division also underwent a certification on ‘Surface Preparation and Painting Inspection’ conducted by TATA Projects Ltd.

However, none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the efforts and insistence of Mr. Vijay Eknath Mone, Senior Manager, Engineering Division, who takes complete onus of all technical training in the Company, especially all ISO related training. He also pays special attention to trainings for the Engineering Division. Some of the other training workshops included 'Reading of inspection graph of gear', 'Welding procedure qualification training', 'Daily production booking system', and 'Open and close loop systems'.

With Premier’s consciousness and responsibility towards its employees, training sessions in the last quarter focused predominantly on safety.

The past four months at Premier saw several industrial safety workshops conducted by Mr. Ashok Mishra, which placed emphasis on every employee’s responsibility towards developing a safe workplace. The workshops included programmes to provide employees with specific training, such as:

  • Handling materials
  • Operating different kinds of machines
  • Performing tasks safely to ensure maximum organisational productivity
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Awareness of ISO 9001:2008
  • ESIC benefits
  • Introduction to SAP
A step ahead of safety.

In a gesture of corporate responsibility towards our employees, we have undertaken several initiatives around the year towards safety. These include:

  • Annual physical and medical check-ups for all employees
  • Medical counselling
  • Workshops on ailments and medical conditions, heart disease awareness programmes and tetanus vaccinations


  • Premier’s medical room, situated on the factory premises, is registered under the medical department of the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corporation.
  • Biomedical waste generated during the treatment of employees — dressing bandages, antiseptic solutions, syringes, needles, etc. — is submitted to Passco Environmental Solutions on a monthly basis for an appropriate disposal.
  • Premier has also trained a team of 26 employees in first aid as support to the factory's qualified medical professionals.
Premier gives health and safety the highest priority.

Premier Ltd. is one company that is committed to creating a healthier and safer work environment for all its employees.

“From recruitment to retirement, we consider the health of our employees to be our responsibility,” Pranali Shinde

Executive Industrial Relations, Premier Ltd. However, all credit goes to Mr. Basavaraj Chaukimath, who took it on himself to insure that Assocham’s study which states that “Regular check-ups for employees can increase national income through a reduction in absenteeism rate by two to three per cent,” was met.

Premier does its bit by spreading awareness during National Safety Week.
  • During the 42nd National Safety Week celebrations during March 4–11, 2013, several programmes and competitions were organised by Premier to raise awareness among its employees.
  • The week kick-started with employees taking a safety pledge and confirming their commitment towards a safer Premier. Several safety and health programmes were organised including training sessions on industrial safety. An awareness campaign on combating fire was also conducted with the help of interactive mock drills.
“Occupational safety is most important for us at Premier. Due to the regular implementation of safety measures, the number of accidents has almost been reduced to zero.” Mr. P. G. Salunkhe, Premier’s Safety Committee

Mr. Maitreya Doshi speaks at CII's 11th Manufacturing Summit 2012.

Mr. Maitreya Doshi, Chairman and Managing Director, Premier Ltd. was part of a panel discussion at the 11th Manufacturing Summit 2012, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on December 17 and 18, 2012. At the event, which was attended by senior executives from several manufacturing companies, Mr. Doshi expressed his views on the competitive advantage of Indian manufacturing.