HR & Training Update
Making First Impressions Count
A Safety officer explaining the different types of fire hydrants.

Work With Us Training and Initiatives

Premier celebrated its 45th annual Safety Week from 4th-11th March, 2016. It covered sessions about safety at the workplace and personal safety.

Winners of the poster and safety pledge competition were also announced at this event.

Sessions conducted during Safety Week:
  • An interactive session on awareness about Diabetes- prevention and care by Dr. Abhay Mutha from Ruby Hall Clinic.
  • A lecture on “De-addiction by Alcoholics Anonymous and Al Anon” by Ms. Pranita B and Mr. Shiva N, where they shared their personal experiences.
  • Training on First Aid and Ergonomics and on Fire and Safety with mock drills was also organised.
Best Safety slogans:
  • “Safety does not come instantly. We should implement it consistently.” ~ B.V Devkar
  • “NO Safety—KNOW Pain; KNOW Safety—NO Pain.” ~ Prajakta Dhorje

For the 9th consecutive year, Premier organised the blood donation drive on 20th March, facilitated by paramedics from the Sahyadri Hospital, Pune.

Staff members, from managers and trainees to housekeeping and security, together donated over 40 units of blood which would be used to support blood transfusions at the hospital.

“I don’t think people realize how important blood donation really is. It is a simple way to be a hero. I had gotten into the habit of being a donor since I was 18 years old. I always feel so good about saving lives. I had never realised it till I needed the blood for my close relative.” Mr. Deepak Chavan, Executive HR.
FAST FACT 120 lives saved through Premier’s blood donation initiative.
FAST FACT 14 tests are performed on each unit of donated blood.

This quarter we saw a lot of emphasis on soft-skills training. The key areas touched upon were:

  • Creating Great Impressions - 20 Tips in 120 Minutes
  • Time and Task Management.

The training was conducted by image consultant and soft-skills trainer, Ms. Erica deSouza.

The Time and Task Management training has motivated me to put into action the plans that I have been procrastinating on. I have set some smart personal and professional goals for myself and have started planning and prioritising the tasks on hand, on a daily basis. Vaishali Chavan, Participant
I have started taking time out to plan my day. This has helped me focus and become aware of how I spend or waste my time. Bhakti Mahashabde, Participant
After the training, we realised that a combination of personality traits, positive attributes, and communication skills enhance an employee’s performance. Rakesh Mehta, Vice President, Human Resource and Industrial Relations
Time and Task Management training has equipped our employees with the tools, knowledge, insights, and skills for increased productivity K.G. Rathi, President
Thanks to the Creating Great Impressions training, I was able to change my dressing style and gain more confidence. This has helped me create a better impression in my child’s school among peers and teachers. V.S. Dhane, Participant

In addition to the soft skills training, Premier officers undertake technical trainings under the experts in the field. Mr. V.S. Dhane, Senior Manager (Systems), undertook a five-week-long online training course conducted by SAP in co-operation with Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany, to study the implementation of S/4 HANA.

Mr. Dhane ranked among the top 10%trainees out of 36,829 total participants who attended the training worldwide.
FAST FACT 177: Premier officers attended the Creating Great Impressions training.
FAST FACT 805: cumulative man-hours were spent on soft skills training in the past six months.