Making First Impressions Count
A Safety officer explaining the different types of fire hydrants.

Work With Us Training and Initiatives

Making First Impressions Count
  • A special focus was given to developing soft skills training in the last quarter.
  • Special training program crafted for executive and assistant managers throughout the company.
  • Half-day training on ‘Creating a Great First Impression’ was conducted by Erica deSouza, an image consultant and corporate trainer.
  • It covered aspects involved in meeting people for the first time, appropriate dressing and even how to exchange business cards—as these small elements play a critical role in forming a firstimpression.
“The training session was superb. It helped in all aspects of personality development, body language, communication and dress code. The training taught us the importance of dressing appropriately as per the occasion. The explanation and the practical demonstration of an effective handshake and business card exchange were excellent,” Mr. Hariprasad Raut, Executive
“The crucial five-seconds rule—I never realized that a person forms an impression of another person or thing in the first 5 seconds of meeting them. I also learnt that first impressions are not merely based on appearance; behaviour and communication also play a vital role,” Mr. Manoj Chavan, Executive Accounts
Health is Wealth

    Annual medical check-up camp set up by Premier for its employees.

    • Premier conducted its Annual Health Examination Camp in December.
    • Medical professionals from reputed local hospitals examined employees on various health parameters based on their age and gender.

Some of the medical tests conducted were:

  • Routine Urine/Blood
  • ECG
  • Audiometry
  • BMI
  • Vision Test
  • Lung Function Test
  • Physical Check-up & Consultation
“We strive to meet the healthcare needs of a diverse workforce through a wide range of programs and initiatives that emphasize healthy choices, diligent healthcare decisionmaking and active participation in our wellness programs,” Mr. Rakesh Mehta, Vice President, Human Resources.
““Through the annual health check-up I understood basic lifestyle habit changes that I can make to improve my health,” Mr. Basavaraj Moogi, Senior Manager (Sales & Marketing – Machines Division)
FAST FACT 441: Employees benefitted from this medical examination.