The Essence of Transformation
A Safety officer explaining the different types of fire hydrants.

Work With Us Training and Initiatives

Training and Initiatives

Employee training at all levels is a key priority. Corporate training and technical skill building programmes are regularly conducted throughout the year for all our employees.

The Essence of Transformation

Welding Training

Several welding trainings were conducted by Mr Shirish Dhamdhare, a welding expert and consultant, to sharpen our technicians' skills and keep them updated with the latest technologies and techniques. Premier’s Engineering Division has undergone a significant change in welding function by carrying out Welding Process qualification as per standard EN3834. Points such as awareness about welding requirements, process control and safety measures of welding processes were discussed. It helped in production, welding quality improvement and optimum use of consumables resulting in benefits of reducing process cycle time of jobs.

Familiarisation of the Siemens 828D Control

To improve our manufacturing process, the Machines Division invested in a new Sinumerik 828D Milling/Turning machine. A. A. Karkhanis, Senior Manager, Electrical Assembly, our in-house specialist, took up the responsibility to get our employees well versed with the operations of the machine.

“Welding skill development trainings give us a competitive edge with reduction in welding rework, increase in production output and control over consumable usage.” P G Salunkhe, Vice President, Engineering Department

We also conducted:

  • ISO awareness training
  • Quality related trainings such as 1S and 2S
  • Statutory compliance related trainings
  • Machining standards training
  • Open and close loop systems trainings

Our Machines Division officers were invited for a training programme on ‘New Technologies being used by Machine Tool Manufacturers' in Europe, where companies such as Redex from France, Kesseler from Germany and Gudel from Switzerland shared their knowledge.

FAST FACT: 1,500 Cumulative man-days spent in training during the year.