Each Premier-ite contributes uniquely towards our success
Each Premier-ite contributes uniquely towards our success

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Law and Order

At Premier, the legal and secretarial department is headed by Mr Ramesh M. Tavhare, Vice President (Legal and Corporate Affairs) and Company Secretary. He closely works with the Company's Board of Directors and senior officers to ensure compliances under the various statutes and to resolve legal issues concerning the Company. The team also strives to serve Premier's shareholders adhering to SEBI regulations and stock-exchange requirements. He is assisted by a team that comprises Mr Sudarshan K. Rao, Assistant General Manager (Legal and Corporate Affairs), Mr Hemant G. Samant, Manager (Legal), Mr Madhav V. Joshi, Assistant Manager (Secretarial), Ms Urmila U. Nagarkar, Senior Manager (Taxation and Accounts) and Mr Lalit D. Gupte, Executive (Administration).

Meet the experts who form the legal and secretarial team of Premier

    Their achievements:

  • The successful and timely closure
    of a large piece of land that was sold.
  • Fought critical cases at Supreme Court.
  • Resolving old cases pertaining to labour issues.
  • Effectively serving more than 35,000
    shareholders and 7,000 fixed depositors.

    Challenges faced:

  • Maintaining a balance and managing crisis.
  • Being constantly updated with the changing laws and compliance requirements.
  • Constantly dealing with legal and regulatory challenges.