Each Premier-ite contributes uniquely towards our success
Each Premier-ite contributes uniquely towards our success

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Employees In Focus - January 2013

100% Increase in the number of women in Premier from inception.

Sheral Anand, our very own Florence Nightingale.

    Here we will feature, five employees who best exemplify the Premier team spirit. Beating all the odds, they have shown what it takes to rise within the ranks of the company in a true testament of perseverance. Demonstrating keen interest in their work, they have contributed immensely to the company with their dedication, commitment and loyalty.

  • Premier owes much of its resilience and formidable strength to Anu, Lizy and Sheral, or, as we fondly refer to them collectively as, Premier's Grande Dames. Annmary Jayasuriya (Anu), Lizy Joseph (Lizy) and Sheral Anand have each spent more than 25 years at Premier and have seen it through thick and thin. As administrative assistants for Premier's senior management, they have key roles to play and are adept at protocol management for foreign dignitaries, VIP arrivals, etc. There is nothing any of them cannot find, source, research, or arrange for you.

Anu Jayasuriya,
Premier's most reliable lady.

    Anu has been with Premier for more than 37 years. A disciplinarian at heart, she was inclined towards the police services as an adolescent.

  • Anu compares Premier’s journey to a quote by Vincent Van Gogh: “The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.”

Lizy Joseph, a true example of
loyalty to the company

    Lizy started her career with Premier in 1979. On her first day, she reported for duty at the Engineering Division to Mr. KG Rathi, who, 33 years later, still finds Lizy extremely dedicated, systematic and punctual. Acknowledging her sincerity, Mr. Rathi extended her service post retirement and brought her on board as a consultant. An introvert by nature, Lizy firmly believes in the principle of “simple living and high thinking”.

When not at work, Sheral, who is our very own Florence Nightingale, can be found at her community church spending time at the local orphanage. Starting her own nursery for underprivileged children is a dream that Sheral wants to fulfil post retirement.

“The women’s empowerment forum has been a platform for me to know my colleagues better, not only on a professional front but also on a personal front.” Sheral Anand