Donating medical help to a co-worker in the factory
The quality team is involved in the designing stage upto the commissioning stage of every machine.
The Dream Team – CNC Machine
IT Team

Work With Us Employees In Focus

The CNC Machines Division Marketing Team plans and strategises ways to reach potential customers and ensures that they are aware of the Company’s products and services.

Some key tasks of the team include the following:

  • It plans and integrates all aspects of a business at Premier Ltd., from the pricing structure of the products and services to the consolidated financials of the Company.
  • The team forecasts and estimates the output or sales resulting from each marketing effort. The operations department relies on these forecasts to create a production schedule while the finance department uses these numbers to formulate budgets.
  • It analyses the Company’s position as against its contemporaries on a regular basis.
  • The team also reviews products in terms of quality, customer interest and customer response, among other verticals. This exercise helps Premier’s design department to develop new products and improve the existing ones as it moves ahead to pursue its goals.
Meet the CNC Machines Division Marketing Team

Mr. V.R. Kothari, General Manager, Gear Machine Business, is at the helm of the department.

Mr. S.U. Khasnis, Assistant General Manager, Marketing, Heavy Machine Business.

Mr. U.C. Haldankar, Assistant General Manager, Service.

Mr. Basavaraj Moogi, Mr. D.S. Venugopal, Mr. O.P. Gupta and Mr. Ayan Chattopadhyay head the regional offices in Pune, Chennai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

A spare cell consisting of Mr. Kishor Chavan supports the Marketing Team.

Mrs. Sheral Anand and Mr. K. Rajendran are Sales Co-ordinators.

The Application Team consists of uniquely talented people like Mr. A.D. Thakare, Mr. R.S. Naragude, Mr. D.R. Mandhare, and Mr. Maheshkumar.

The Tool Design Team consists of Mr. Mahesh Kumbhar and Ms. Namrata Khedekar.

The Service Team of Mr. V.G. Gade, Mr. S.B. Konar, Mr. Sourav Das, Mr. P.S. Wankhade, Mr. M.M. Gund, Mr. P.A. Kamble, Mr. Anuj Sharma, and Mr. Nareshkumar, have hands-on experience in the field and attend to customer issues across the country.

Life and its meaning...
"The meaning of life is to be alive. It is so plain and obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” Alan Watts

The meaning of life is a burning question that has inspired some of the greatest literature, poetry, photos etc. It is easy to find insightful opinions from authors, teachers, spiritual leaders, and scientists, but, what about our peers, or people we wouldn’t necessarily think of asking? We asked our colleagues at Premier “What does life mean to you?” Their responses, in the form of poems, photos and paintings, were very interesting.

Mr. P. M. Raje

Praveen Raje has been with Premier for 6 years, currently working as an Executive in the Maintenance department for the Machines division. He enjoys playing volleyball and writing.

“The book of life is a 3-page book, of which two are unchangeable pages, that of Life and Death. The only blank page is for us to write. For this, one needs to live, love and seek happiness in everything that comes your way. Since life and death are beyond our control, we have to make the most of the present. Learn to learn from the people that come into your life. There is no greater wealth in the world than happiness!”

Mr. Kishore Potnis

Kishore Potnis, from Kolhapur, has been with Premier for over 20 years. He is an Executive who manages steel and casting procurement for the Machines division. His biggest stress buster is meditation.

“It is said that a man’s birth takes place after 84 lakh life cycles, hence one should live each moment ardently and be composed,” he says. “Accept all situations with a positive mindset and take it as a learning opportunity. Pursue your dreams with honesty and dedication and don’t be deterred by failures.”

Mr. S. Dasgupta

Sunitkumar Dasgupta is from Kolkata and has been with Premier for over 9 years, working as an Assistant Manager in the Machines division. He draws his inspiration from historic and mythological books.

“Life—God’s beautiful gift—is like a river, the banks of which represent happiness and sorrow. As we swim along, we are tossed on either of the banks. The secret to a happy life is to learn from those around us and lay less emphasis on material pleasures. Empathise with those in need and help them when you can. Life is a challenge. Just like a butterfly, one should not give up hope and constantly pursue one’s dream. Someday it will all come together and bring happiness along,” says Mr. Dasgupta.

Mrs. Prajakta Dhorje

and Telecommunication from Ahmednagar. She joined Premier in 2010. She enjoys cooking and listening to music. Her biggest inspiration and outlet for her creative skills comes from her 4-year-old son.

Mr. Sanjay Khandhare

Sanjay Khandhare, has been working with Premier for over 25 years and handles the processing of contractual material for the Machines division. He is a theatre enthusiast and a practising astrologer.

He says that his secret for a happy and fulfilling life is respecting and listening to everybody’s opinion, being hospitable, not holding grudges, and empathising with and working for others.

Mr. John Paul

John Paul has been working with Premier since the past three years as Mechanical Engineer.

“To me,” he says, “life is about doing things that make you happy and never letting it go. Playing cricket and volleyball and spending time with my friends make me happy. I believe, and have always believed, that the way you lead your life depends on the way you treat yourself and pursue your dreams.”

Mr. Pramod Bhalekar

Pramod Bhalekar is a Service Manager in the Machines Division. He enjoys travel and photography. He responded to the question with a photo of the London Eye.

“The London Eye defines life for me. It has one centre, which is comparable to earth’s epicentre and the allpowerful God. The wheel represents unity and resonates the circle of life, showing that everything is interrelated. Like on the London Eye, we rise from the ground to eventually return to it. Life is a great, sacred circle.”

Mr. Prasad Jawale

Executive in the Engineering division handling machining of wind turbine components and metro bogie frames. He enjoys travelling and writing about his experiences.

Prasad expresses himself through his drawings. The drawing on the right was inspired by the drought that the state experienced, last year. Rakesh Bhase, an ex-Premier employee, joined Jawale to paint this drawing.

Our Employees. Our Heroes

Over the past issues of Premier Today, we’ve brought you highlights of our divisional and technical achievements, none of which is possible without a key resource—our people! In this cover story, we bring you the hidden gems of Premier. These are stories of employees across the board who have consistently contributed to, helped and supported countless community initiatives, each other, achieved mastery over skills and even some of our very own childhood prodigies. Meet the stars!

S.B. Patil, Fitter Cum Scraper

A strong believer that one should not live the life of a common man, Mr. Patil firmly believes that one should set their life goals and try to become successful in life. During his professional education at ITI, he heard someone say that “workers become lazy or idle after their work”. But he decided to change this mindset. Till today he remains an active member of the Alcoholic Anonymous, Save Girl-Child Drive, AIDS, Education For All, etc. Considering all his social, sportsrelated and environmental activities, Maharashtra Kamgar Kalyan Mandal has felicitated him with the ‘Gunavant Kaamgar Award’ for the year 2014-2015. The Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation has also felicited him for the same.

Donating medical help to a co-worker in the factory.
"After work, I volunteer through various social programs, and even started a self-help group for women called Bachat Gat. I convinced my son to celebrate his birthday in one of the orphanages at Chikhali by donating food and fruits, and started a reader’s library at my native place" S.B. Patil
FAST FACT 300: Trees planted at his native place on his grandmother’s death anniversary.
FAST FACT 8: Years since he voluntarily donates blood through the Premier Blood Donation Camp.
Kishore Bangar

    Kishore Bangar’s story started when a former colleague, Shashikant Makarand suggested that they contribute some new clothes to the Bhosari orphanage as a goodwill gesture during Diwali in 2011. What started as a humble contribution of Rs. 1,500 from Pritam Kale, Kishore Bangar, Shashikant Makarand, Akarsh Sharma, Sachin Awate, Kiran Kamthe, Ganesh Salunkhe, Suresh Padwal, Gajanan Katyare, Prakash Mali, Chandrakant Kamble, Bapu Ghorpade, Pranesh Muddapur, Gajanan Dubbal, Sadanand Dighe, Arvind Salokhe, Sushma Ghope and Shantaram Kumbhar went on to become a structured Trust called ‘Takshashila’. Supported by Premierites this operation grew, attracting more benefactors. Funds started pouring in from over 50 Premierites, who formed a fund-raising group called the ‘Bachhe Man Ke Sachhe’ group. Later, they also went on to adopt the ‘Vikas Orphan Trust’ in Chikhali, where they support over 70 children.

"With the current economic downturn, we are beginning to realize that even Rs. 1,000 goes such a long way in changing someone’s circumstances,” Kishore Bangar, Assistant Manager, Materials, Machines Division
FAST FACT 50+: Employees who have pledged support to this initiative.
FAST FACT 70+: Children supported under this scheme.
FAST FACT 6000: Personal contribution per quarter by members of the Trust.
Kabir Ansari

    Kabir Ansari has become the go-to guy to help senior citizens in need. It began in 2014 when he received an S.O.S call from his friend asking him to help an old lady—Ruksana Mulla—from his village Nagaj (Sangli), who was ailing and had been abandoned by her family. Taking help from four other friends, Kabir helped her with medical assistance, food provisions and also helped oversee her recuperation. Kabir and his family have been travelling to the village for over 6 months to look after Ruksana—whom they fondly refer to as ‘dadi’—and to spend time with her. Looking at the efforts he has made for Ruksana, Kabir has been approached by another group to help a lady from Pune, who was recently widowed and has children to support.

“My father, a private sector employee, passed away from an illness. We couldn’t afford his treatment. At the age of 17, I felt lost and helpless as I dealt with my education and family responsibilities. I vowed to never let that happen to anyone else,” Kabir Ansari, Executive–HR/Admin
FAST FACT 28: Kabir’s age when he decided to help Ruksana Mulla.
Satish Nanaware

Though an engineer by profession, 26-year-old Satish has been passionate about acting and has also acted in several short films since childhood. He performed in school plays, nurturing his passion for the performing arts. He joined the ‘Choice Film And Television Institute’ and simultaneously worked at Premier. This was his mantra for attaining ‘work-life balance’. Till date, Satish is proud of his role in the acclaimed short film named ‘What’s Your Religion?’ His family has stood by him and shown their appreciation as he pursues his passion along with this work. He has also acted in two other films, both of which are slated to release shortly. “I loved dancing more than acting. But my family resisted the idea of me pursuing a career in dance. Instead of giving up, I fortified my mind and took up every opportunity to act, because my family was okay with that,” says Satish Nanaware.

Satish Nanaware, Production Executive, Engineering Division
Hariprasad Raut

    Passionate about math and science since a young age, Hariprasad Raut has always enjoyed solving Sudoku puzzles, with initial attempts made in Lokmat’s daily puzzles.

    Intrigued by how it works, he was motivated to not only solve them but also create them. A lot of backtracking was required while formulating the puzzle to ensure that it was based on logic and not chance. Finally after a week of hard work and heavy algorithms and permutations, Hariprasad formulated his first Sudoku and now forming one such puzzle is a stress buster for Hariprasad rather than a task.

Sudoku is all about permutations with an extra twist of logic Hariprasad Raut, Executive-Quality Assurance, Engineering Division
FAST FACT 11: Age at which he formed his first Sudoku puzzle.
Rohidas M. Kunjir
    Rohidas has always been inclined towards helping the underprivileged.

    Rohidas was brought up by his mother under extreme financial constraints. Due to this, an extremely intelligent Rohidas was compelled to leave his studies to take up a job and support his family. But this did not deter Rohidas; he pursued a job inspector course while working in a small company and later joined Premier in 1981, where he continued to pursue his education and completed his graduation.

    He constructed a public water irrigation project covering 25 hectares of land, which not only helped hundreds of farmers in their fields but also helped villagers during times of drought and water shortage. He was made a Special Executive Magistrate by the local Zilla Parishad for his active participation in community upliftment initiatives and was elected member of Premier Employees Co-Operative Credit Society & General Secretary of the Premier Employees Union.

FAST FACT 22: Age when he constructed a public water irrigation project.
Annmary Jayasuriya

    Joseph Shashikant Chavan’s journey started in Annmary Jayasuriya’s house when he was brought there from Sangamner Orphanage. Abandoned by his own family because of a brain abnormality, he was accepted with open arms by Annmary’s family and continues to be an irreplaceable part of it. She helped him hone his talents and overcome his disability. Joseph grew attached to the family and in time, slowly picked up domestic skills and started assisting with garage jobs as well. As gratitude for his sincere work, he gets paid a monthly income which gets accumulated as his savings. Annmary has been patient in understanding Joseph’s need and in turn, he has showered her family with love and stood by them during testing times.

“I thank Joseph for supporting us throughout and pray to God that he is always blessed for his goodness and remains strong and healthy,” Annmary Jayasuriya, Manager - Administration Department
FAST FACT 28: Years since Joseph has been living under Annmary’s care.
Ganesh Salunkhe

    Mr. Salunkhe receiving his certificate in Karate.

    Mr. Salunkhe joined Karate class in 1996 at Shito Rio Karate Do Association, where he earned a Brown Belt. There he participated in three competitions held all over Maharashtra where he won a silver medal and obtained a certificate in the competition. In 1998, he also participated in an International Championship that was held in Nepal, which served as very good experience for him.

Rakesh S. Bhase
    Winning his ‘Man of the Match’ title in Cricket.

    Mr. Bhase completed his D.M.E in 2011. In 2008, during his college days, he played the Ashwamegh Cricket Tournament at the District Level and achieved the runners up position. He was also a winner in the Intra-University Cricket Tournaments in 2010. In addition to being an opening batsman and good off-spin bowler in his team, he was awarded the ‘Man of the Match’ title at the University and District Levels twice.

    Along with his passion and interest in Cricket, he also played carrom and participated in kho-kho at his college.

N.M. Godbole
    The six-member group on a biking tour from Pune to Kanyakumari.

    Mr. Godbole and his friends have experienced very thrilling adventures on their two-wheelers in 1988, from Pune (Chinchwad) to Kanyakumari. This journey spanned 15 days on three bikes with six members. Though the trip was exciting, they also encountered many difficulties. In order to make this trip successful, Rs. 5,000 was given by Mr. Pravin Singh Pardeshi, Commissioner, on behalf of the Pimpri Chinchwad Corporation and Special Leave was granted by Cooper Engineering. “I will remember this exciting two-wheeler trip my whole life,” says N.M. Godbole.

S.S. Chavan
    S.S. Chavan: running to win.

    During his school life Mr. Chavan participated in Marathons and won prizes. In 1984–85 he participated in the Pune District Sports Competition — 4x100 meter Relay (junior group) — and came second. In the same year, he competed in the 4x100 meter Relay organized by Pune District Winter Sports Competition Haveli and came first.

    On 14th October 1984, he participated in the Pune International Marathon and Road Race.

Quality First

The Quality Department at Premier is the customer’s representative ensuring that product delivery is to the customer’s standards and satisfaction. Premier Ltd. has always emphasized quality standards in the manufacturing of machine tools. It has an ISO 9000:2008 certification since August 1993.

Some key tasks of the Quality Team include the following:

  • It establishes, implements and maintains quality management systems to measure and control quality in the production process. At every stage, quality checks are in place to ensure a high quality machine that delivers quality service to the customer.
  • Work with designers to form quality standards for individual products and set out standards in documents and processes for the production team.
  • Ensure our systems are based on independent standards such as ISO 9000, which sets out the criteria for a quality management system and enables companies to work towards internationally recognized quality accreditation.
  • At the production end the Quality Team inspects the incoming materials and in-house manufacturing/ materials, product inspection. They are also involved in customer machine trials, gauge calibration, vendor quality control and ensuring implementation of the Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008).
  • Meet the Quality Team
  • Mr. R.D. Sharma, Senior Manager, heads the Quality Department of Premier’s Machines Division and oversees all quality-related activities.
  • Mr. S.S. Mirajkar, Assistant Manager, is responsible for final product testing and gauge calibration activities. He and Mr. Sharma ensure that the product meets all quality standards before it is shown to the customer.
  • Mr. P.V. Kale, Assistant Manager, is responsible for incoming material and vendor quality.
  • Mr. P.N. Bhamare, Executive, is responsible for incoming material and vendor quality and works very closely with Mr. P.V. Kale on the same.
  • Mr. S.M. Ugale, Production Technician, specializes in CMM checking of critical components. He specializes in the extremely reliable quality measure for critical components and has a keen eye for detail.
  • Mr. S.S. Chavan, Executive, specializes in gear inspection activities for in-house and customer trial components.
  • Mr. V.H. Khot, Executive, specializes in heavy component inspection and customer trials. He has been working in the quality department since four years.
  • Mr. A.A. Sayyad, Job Inspector, is responsible for component inspection. His feedback and approval is extremely critical to take the product to the customer for their easy approval and satisfaction.
  • Mr. R.M. Kunjir, Job Inspector, is responsible for component inspection as well. He is looked up to for his critical appreciation and feedback for each component.