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The Dream Team – CNC Machine

The Purchase Department is the backbone of Premier's CNC Machines business, with a clear focus on procuring the best quality raw materials at competitive pricing and delivering them to the production department on time.

"Good purchasing practices are integral to our business success," Mr. Rakesh Mehta, Vice President & Head Materials

The Purchase department not only handles domestic purchases but is also responsible for importing special items from countries like Japan, Germany, Taiwan, Italy, etc., as per specific needs defined by the Design department.

Key Achievements over the past two years:
  • 90% timely delivery; very rarely the production is hampered due to non-availability of material in time.
  • Cost saving recognized; by various substituted imported items intead of indigenous items, without compromising the quality, as well as by a reduction in delivery lead time.
  • Cost reduction of CNC of Hobbing Machine by more than 25%, with constant follow-up and co-ordination with Fanuc by our Design & Materials team.
  • Developing and maintaining a strong and loyal supplier base; many of our suppliers have been in business with us for more than 25 years.
  • The Machines Division Purchase Team, focused on procuring the best quality raw materials.
    Meet the Purchase Team:
  • Mr. Dinesh S. Shirgaokar: Assistant General Manager, heads the Purchase department of Premier's CNC Machines business and oversees all department activities.
  • Mr. Ajit H. Pandhare:Executive, possesses indepth knowledge on materials required by Premier.
  • Mr. Mahesh R. Deo: Assistant Manager, Material Dept., is responsible for procuring proprietary, bearings & maintenance items.
  • Mr. Chandrashekhar S. Tisgaonkar: Assistant Manager, is armed with over 26 years of experience in the field of manufacturing & procurement of castings, and has developed expertise in the same.
  • Mr. Sunil N. Nadarge: Assistant Manager, is responsible for sheet-metal components, hydraulic fittings & off-the-shelf mechanical items required for machine assembly.
  • Mr. Prakash D. Mali: Executive, is responsible for procuring consumables, printing material, tools, etc.
  • Mr. Kishor R. Potnis: Executive, specializes in procuring castings for hobbing machines and steel parts.
  • Mr. Sanjay S. Kandhare: Manages the documentation of material flow of the vendor development department.
  • Mr. Rahul S. Chavan: Executive, mainly looks after procurement of proprietary items.
  • Mr. M. John Paul: Trainee, is still learning the tricks of the trade.
  • Mr. Kishor B. Bangar: Assistant Manager, is mainly responsible for procurement of small machined items for assembly.
  • Mr. Shailesh B. Kulkarni: Responsible for overall data management & document control.