Curious students want to learn more about Premier Ltd. at MindSpark ‘12
A packed class listening attentively to the theory session of the CNC Lathe machine
A practical session on the CNC lathe and milling machine imparted by Mr. B B Gawas, Sr. Manager Application Machines Division, Premier Ltd.
The budding engineering explaining their solutions to the Premier Challenge
A model encapsulating all that Mindspark’12 showcased

Work With Us Campus Initiatives

Campus Initiatives

The Premier Utkarsh team with the winners and the judges.

Spark of Genius:

The mental agility of students was put to the test at COEP’s annual technical festival MindSpark ’11, which was held from December 27 to 29. Premier Ltd. returned to its role as the ‘Engineering Partner’ here. Participants were made to apply their skills and knowledge for three of the company-sponsored events — Contraption and CNC Lathe Workshop — and at the engineering design problem-solving competition Premier Utkarsh.

Contraption was based on the principle of energy conversions and used a chain of different steps that eventually led to the completion of the final task. Mr. BB Gawas, Manager, Application, Machine Tool Division, Premier Ltd. was the presenter at the CNC Lathe Workshop. The participants of Premier Utkarsh had to suggest a feasible and optimised solution to a real-time problem. It was judged by Mr. VR Kothari, AGM (Application), Machine Tool Division and Mr. SU Khasnis, AGM (Manufacturing), Machine Tool Division, Premier Ltd. The problem statement for the event was provided by Mr. SD Joshi, General Manager, Design, Machine Tool Division, Premier Ltd.

“Fourteen teams participated in the Contraption event. All the participants were full of enthusiasm and used their knowledge and skills in the activity. They showed a lot of creativity and tried to make this event successful.” – Mr. PA Pradhan, Senior Manager, Design, Machine Tool Division, Premier Ltd., who was the judge for Contraption.