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Vertical Turning Lathe

Posted on 15th December, 2016

Premier's CNC Machines division is a one-stop-shop for many high-end machining solutions, a key among them is the Premier's Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL) machine. Premier's Vertical Turning Lathe (VTL) machines make it convenient to mount, align, and fasten the items to be worked, thus replacing the facing lathe, which was used previously. The distinguishing feature of Premier's vertical turning lathe is the vertical position of the spindle. A chuck is located on the top of the spindle; the piece to be worked is fastened to the chuck, using radially displaced cams. The item itself goes through the principal rotary motion on the vertical lathe. The strain on the spindle is partially relieved because the circularly directing chucks absorb the weight of the item and the cutting forces.

There are mainly 2 types of VTL machines, the open-sided and double-sided (portal) vertical Turning lathes. Open-sided vertical turning lathes usually have both vertical and lateral supports; two-sided lathes have two vertical and either one or two lateral supports. A rotating turret is often placed on one of the vertical supports.

Premier's Vertical Turning Lathe or VTL machine is usually driven by several electric motors (many, in the case of the heavy lathe), which, during operation, transmit the motion to the chuck spindle and supports (working and idling or accelerated) and serve to attach the crosshead and brake engagement.

Premier's VTL machine is used to machine and bore cylindrical, conical, and contoured surfaces and to trim face ends. Lathes with a turret can also drill, counterbores. Engraving, slotting, milling, and polishing are possible with special attachments. It is possible to work with a number of cutting tools simultaneously, with each tool fastened to a separate support on the VTL machines. This increases efficiency significantly.

Vertical Turret Lathe or VTL is a machine that is ideal for turning heavy, large diameter components like flywheels, brake drums, big size gears, etc.


Premier's MULTI SPINDLE DRILLING MACHINE is one, which can be used to drill a number of holes at various large and even unsymmetrical layouts according to the customer's requirements, where the conventional Multi spindle drilling machines cannot be used. The Multi spindle drilling machine is an improvement over geared drill heads and drill heads adopted with universal joints.

The drill head spindle is inserted in to the machine spindle, which is used to drill a number of holes in different layouts.

Premier's MULTI SPINDLE DRILLING MACHINE can be widely used to drill products like printed Circuit Boards, Engine heads and other Automobile components.

Premier's MULTI SPINDLE DRILLING MACHINE helps to achieve accurate and identical drilled layouts in mass production.