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Multi Spindle Drilling Machines

Posted on 9th January, 2017

Realising the importance of drilling machines in the manufacturing processes, was realised early by Maitreya Doshi, Chairman and Managing Director of Premier Ltd, which thus led his Company Premier Ltd. to enter into this machining segment and become a prominent player in the Industry.

The drilling machine is normally called a drill press and is responsible for drilling various sizes of holes in any surface area and to precise depths. Although drilling machine is primarily used in drilling holes, there are a few other functions that the drilling machine is capable of performing. These functions include spot facing, tapping, reaming, counter boring and countersinking to name a few.

What is Multi Spindle Drilling Machine?

Multi Spindle Drilling Machines are generally used for drilling number of holes simultaneous together. They are used in mechanical industry in order to increase the productivity of machining system and to reduce the operation time.

For example, gang drills and many screw machines are Multi Spindle machines.

Multi-spindle drilling machines are categorized into two different layouts i.e. vertical multi-spindle drilling machine and horizontal spindle drilling machine and are widely used in economic mass production.

The multi- spindle drilling machine is a production type of machine. The drill heads consists of several spindles mounted on angular contact ball bearings and driven by a set of gears. For spindles wherein the center distance are very close needle roller thrust bearings are used. The drive to the spindle is by AC spindle CNC motor or by AC induction motor. The speed of the spindles driven by an induction motor is varied by using variable frequency drive. The drill head is interchangeable.

The only important factor to note about multi-spindle drilling machines is that they do not offer much flexibility while processing since their spindles are arranged rigidly. Therefore, this type of machine is only used in high volume production.

Multi Spindle Drilling Machines Manufacturing in India

In order to keep pace in the race to globalization, India has come up with several multi-spindle drilling machine manufacturing companies today. And Maitreya Doshi led Premier Ltd is one such CNC Machine Manufacturer in India that strives to be on par with globalization.

Maitreya Doshi’s Premier Ltd manufactures Special Purpose Multiple- spindle drilling machine for several applications. With an aim to meet customer’s requirement on varied machine operations/options to improve productivity, Premier offers customized Special Purpose Machines in India.

“Premier is one of the largest CNC Machine Manufacturer in India and has ISO 9001-2008 certified production facility and sophisticated technology centers located at Chinchwad - Pune, Gurgaon, and Bengaluru. Through its dedicated team of professionals, this company has managed to create a satisfied customer base in India and abroad.”, says Maitreya Doshi, Chairman and Managing Director, Premier Ltd.