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HMC Manufacturers in India

Posted on 21th August, 2017

Horizontal Machining, also known as milling, relies on rotary cutters to remove metal from a workpiece. Horizontal machining occurs on a horizontal machining center (HMC), which employs a spindle that is parallel to the ground floor. With a horizontally oriented spindle, tools stick out of the side of the tool holder and cut across the side of a workpiece, encouraging chips to fall away from the table. Horizontal machining centers also allow for two-pallet changer integration to facilitate unattended operation and reduce part cycle times. Horizontal machining centres possess a spindle in horizontal position unlike Vertical machining centres where the spindle position is Vertical.

Horizontal machining centres have a rotary table mounted on a moving axis. This enables machining of four faces of a component in a single setup .Table mounted fixtures can also be used for different setups of the same component.

Operations such as milling, drilling, tapping, boring, profiling etc. can be performed by indexing the rotary table to the desired angle. The standard rotary tables available as can have continuous indexing or one degree or five degree or 90 deg indexing as desired by the customer. Additional rotary axis can also be mounted on the table to enhance machining capability.

HMC’s are also available with swing type or shuttle type pallet changers depending on the table size. Generally smaller machines upto 800 mm table size are available with swing type changer. Larger sizes of 1000mm and above utilize shuttle type arrangement.

Automatic tool changers of different capacities facilitate accommodation of various tools required for above mentioned operations.

Premier earlier had a technical collaboration with Hitachi Seki of Japan for manufacturing of HMC machines in India. Due to large experience in manufacturing heavy machines Premier currently focuses on manufacturing of HMC’s of table sizes 1000 mm and above. Such machines are already working at various organizations such as BEML, CLW, DLW etc.

Premier Horizontal Machining Centers are built to machine heavy components weighing upto 1500 kgs. Premier’s Horizontal Machining Centers have a maximum table size of 1500 mm x 1500 mm and has a capacity to accommodate big and heavy components with a rotational accuracy of table being within 0.001 degree. The ATC with 40 tool capacity as standard and with 60 tool capacity as optional is also available. The tool selection is random / bidirectional. These machines are highly reliable for maintaining accuracy and productivity. The machine has a thermo-symmetric design. A Spindle is provided with W axis movement of upto 500mm. The spindle nose is ISO/BT50.

BFW, Jyoti, LMW,ACE are some of the Hmc manufacturers in India other than Premier.

HMC’s from Makino, Mazak, Mori Seiki, Okuma, NTC etc from Japan, DMG, Heller, Starrag from Germany, Haas from USA, Daewoo, Doosan Hyundai from Korea and many manufacturers from Taiwan and are also widely being used by Indian customers for component manufacturing.