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Heavy Engineering Industry In India

Posted on 10th January, 2018

In India, the history of heavy engineering industry begins with the setting up of the Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd. at Ranchi in 1958. The heavy engineering plant at Ranchi has been designing and manufacturing enormous machines required for iron and steel industry. Reasonably vast ranges of engineering goods are produced for different business segments in the market.

Heavy engineering industry in India plays a major role in building the economy of the country. Goods manufactured by the engineering industries of India are even exported to other countries. The major production of this industry includes machine tools that form the basis for the manufacture of industrial machinery, automobiles, defense equipment, railway engines and electrical machinery. This wide spectrum offers a large potential for jobs to various people. They help to promote regional development, eradicate poverty as well as uplift the standard of living of the people

India in its quest to become a global superpower has made significant strides towards the development of its heavy engineering industry in India. Premier is one such destination that has established itself as one of the major companies for supplying critical components and heavy equipment machinery tools in various sectors. All the machines are geared to produce special, customized parts which are inherently customer-friendly. Moreover, the in-house process engineering capability gives the company, the scope for diverse manufacturing.

Premier’s Engineering Division provides complete manufacturing services including fabrication, machining, blasting, metalizing and painting of wind turbine steel parts like disc rotor, stator ring, stator carrier, rotor housing and supporting structure. It also offers complete machining and painting of rotor hubs, blade adaptor, axle pin and main carrier made from castings.

Premier supplies a wide range of high-quality heavy equipment machinery for competitive prices, to foster the growth of the nation. The company also aims to add value to client’s businesses while building long-term relationships through customer support, equipment sales, and industrial services.